Can Residential Plumbing Help You Sell Your Property Faster and for More Money?

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Many homeowners that are about to put their property for sale on the local real estate market believe that they do not need to invest in any repairs as this won’t be beneficial for them. The truth is exactly the opposite! Residential plumbing and electrical repairs have proven to be really beneficial for home sellers because they have the highest ROI (Return on Investment): more than 250%.

If you take advantage of the following 3 tips, you are very likely to sell a house faster and for more money!

  • Professional plumbing inspections are good for you! There may be a plumbing problem that you are not aware of but your potential buyers may spot. This is why, it is a better idea to book a thorough plumbing inspection in advance and fix all of the issues that may be detected by the buyer.
  • Green water- and energy-saving options. More people are now looking for a home that has plumbing and electrical systems which function well and at the same time save natural resources. Low flow shower heads and faucets, water-saving toilets are just a few of the green solutions you may opt for. These upgrades will not only be a good marketing trick to catch customers who are into the more environmentally-friendly way of living but also of the ones who would like to save money on their utility bills.
  • Small but visible repairs. Residential plumbing is not only about replacing pipelines and fixing leaks. Plumbers can also do small cosmetic repairs to make your installation look better. They can replace your faucets, clean your drains, install big bathtubs and multi-sprayer shower heads. Such luxury additions may add a significant amount to the value of your property.

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