Cases in Which You May Need to Book a Commercial Plumbing Service

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Although there are nearly 556,000 plumbers and pipe fitters working in the US, the Bureaus of Labor statistics predicts that the plumbing industry will grow by 16% between 2008 and 2018, some business owners still find it hard to book a commercial plumbing service that can match their expectations.


Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common problems which office plumbing systems problems may provoke and will also tell you a few tips on what you’d better do before your office plumber arrives.

Clogged toilet or drain. If the toilet or sink in your office restroom won’t drain, then you really have a major problem to deal with. If you have plumbing line or drain blockage, hurry up to book a commercial plumbing service and turn off your water supply meanwhile. This way, you will prevent an eventual overflow until a specialist arrives to inspect the issue.

Low water pressure in the sink in either the kitchen or the restroom area. If the sink flow is reduced, this can affect both the cold and the hot tap. Although this may not seem like a problem to worry about and you may believe that it is your water supplier to blame, you should not forget that the reason for such issue can be pipe corrosion or a blocked aerator.

Leaking fixtures. These may range from small drips to constant water dribble. Damaged seals, washers, or O-rings may be the source. Although wear and tear are the usual causes for such issues, call a professional plumber for a more accurate diagnosis.

Problems with the water temperature in the office building. If the water temperature coming out of the taps around the office is wrong or there is no hot water, you may have problems with the central water heater. Sometimes such problem can be solved by simply resetting the heater, but in other cases, you may require professional help from a specialist who can perform a guaranteed commercial plumbing service.

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